Collaboration with a (for now secret) restaurant

I made this 27 stamps for a restaurant. You can probably guess what’s on the menu there 🙂 I can’t give you all info because the project is on hold due to corona. Hopefully I can share the illustrations on packaging etc in a while….

Logo design for Blackbird and Violet

I’m not a graphic designer and I don’t do this a lot…but it was great fun to design a logo for Blackbird and Violet. I made a print of the design and digitized it. Now it’s perfectly to use on packaging and labels.

Personal work..stamps!!

A little sneak peek in my stamp collection.. a lot of birds, insects and botanical designs. I made at least 1000 stamps so far, and I still love to carve every day ;). Most of these stamps are available in my shop. I love to…

Prints, prints, prints..

I love to make head runs over all the time with ideas for new work… Here can you find some of my recent print. They are all limited editions. So if you like to grab one.. hurry to my shop.           …

Collaboration with Noissue .co

Noissue asked me to design my own wrapping tissue paper and tape. I’m sooo happy with the result! Click here for more info about their sustainable packaging. Good for the environment and affordable for you 🙂

Collaboration with SPEARMINTLOVE

SpearmintLOVE started as a niche brand of ”Made in the USA” blankets. Made of ”eco-friendly” cotton, their soft feel and innovative designs immediately won customers from all around the world. Manufactured in two sizes; baby and full-size, the line grew to twenty-six designs and products…

Collaboration with ODD BOO

In a modern world of computer games and plastic toys..there are the fabric rabbits of ODD BOO. Odd Boo ask me to design stamps for their gift bags. I had lots of fun drawing rabbits in skirts on bicycles!! I’m a friend of Odd…

Collaboration with Speedball® art

Speedball® ask me to work together. I couldn’t be more excited! I am the biggest fan of their carving rubber and (fabric) block print ink. Ans now I’m one of their professional block print artists. Like to read more about it? Click here

Logo stamp for Woodzilla pressmaker.

Woodzilla ask me to design and make a logo stamp for his business. As you probably know Woodzilla makes the best lino presses of the world. I’m a big fan of his products. I’m happy he let me come with a nice design. And I…