Collaboration with SPEARMINTLOVE

SpearmintLOVE started as a niche brand of ”Made in the USA” blankets. Made of ”eco-friendly” cotton, their soft feel and innovative designs immediately won customers from all around the world. Manufactured in two sizes; baby and full-size, the line grew to twenty-six designs and products would routinely sell out. Fairly early on, Founder and CEO Shari Lott realized that in order to grow her audience and drive traffic to the store, she would need to build a successful retail platform. As a significant industry influencer, she leveraged her relationships with the best brands in baby and children’s fashion and began to create what is today, the leading independent, online retailer in the baby and children’s soft goods market.

And they asked me too design three patterns for their baby collection. Couldn’t be more proud of the result!!

Flower pattern


Tokek (lizard pattern)

Autumn pattern