Custom stamps Oct / Dec 2022

The year comes to an end and it’s time to look back at the last three month of the year. I made a design for a lovely newborn baby girl, custom Christmas stamps, animals and some logo stamps. I’m looking forward to the new year…..

Custom stamps Oct/Dec 2021

Stamps made in the busiest time of the year. Carved them in between all Christmas orders. I really enjoy making custom stamps especially when I have a lot of “normal” orders on my desk because its a great to have variety!!

Custom stamps September/ October 2020

The weather becomes colder, autumn is in the air. No carving outside anymore..I’m back in the studio! I feel so happy with all custom stamp requests. Next month I’ll will have a short stop on custom work because of all Christmas orders but for now…

Custom stamps July /August 2020

We haven’t planned a vacation this year (due to covid) and I decided to close the shop just for a few weeks. To work on some personal projects but mostly to play with and enjoy the kids. Of course I made also some custom stamps….

Custom stamps May/ June 2020

A overview of stamps I made in the months May and June. It was a busy month with lots of custom stamp requests. Below you can see a overview..         

Custom stamps jan/ febr 2020

Starting the year with a lot of custom work. I even closed the webshop for a while, just to work on custom requests. Here is a little overview…    

Custom stamps Sept/ Oct 2019

Thanks for all your lovely orders. I really enjoy carving these stamps. They are all unique..and some are a real challenge but I’m so happy when they turned out as good as I had in mind.

Custom stamps December 2018

December was a month filled with custom work and lots of stamps as Christmas gift. Here is a little overview.. The snowman stamp is available in my shop, the other stamps are custom made.